Hi guys,

I'm sure this has been asked before but after a search through the forum I could't find what I was looking for (I did find lots of other useful information though!).

I purchased some cufflink blanks from a wholesale supplier who described the items as "gold plated". The base material was unspecified but after sanding off some of the plating it appears to be copper or brass.

My question is, do I actually need to get these items hallmarked? All of the advice I found seemed to be about the describing of plated items (i.e. that that word "gold" must be followed by the word "plated" so as to avoid confusion.).

If I am making larger numbers of plated items I would probably choose to have them hallmarked anyway if possible to give buyer confidence however at the moment I am making a small number of items so the hallmarking costs would be disproportionate to the overall cost of the goods.

Thanks in advance for your input!