My daughter asked me to remodel a snitch braclet she bought recently into a chain. We looked at pre-made ones and she didn't like them so has asked me if I could make a suitable one out of silver jump rings. After ordering sizes 3 - 5 mm ones we decided on 4mm would suit as I think 3mm is just too small compared to the snitch which I'll have to remake part of as it really is a bit of a dogs breakfast. Can use the basics of it though.

So my question is, what is the best way too do the chain?

Should I make a few rows of jumprings side by side on a charcoal soldering block and solder them individually, and then make up a series of 3's, then solder them together to get each side length the same, then put the findings on to complete leaving one jump ring unsupervised for protection. I read here recently that was a good idea with chains and braclets? I'll also be including a Tag with 925 stamped on it as well, haven't quite discussed the clasp as yet but am thinking a medium parrot one. I have 300 x 4mm silver jumprings.

Any suggestions and advice appreciated, just don't suggest buying a ready made one and cutting that one. I would really like to attempt to do this. I have the tools, going to use just a small portable touch like a cream brule type. I have an Arctorch similar to a Little Smith Touch but don't have an oxygen tank at present and won't be getting one soon. We have been given an eviction notice from the place we are renting so will need to wait in case I need to put my jewellery making tools into storage, don't want an oxygen bottle nearly full. I think there are limitations to storing things like lpg and oxygen bottles.

Thanks for replies.

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