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Thread: Hi - I'm new and need some pointers!!

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    Default Hi - I'm new and need some pointers!!

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    Hi - I'm new to jewellery making and fancy making some earrings like the photos attached. I'm assuming I can buy 'blank' discs that I can paint. I'm hoping that it's no more technical than this!!

    Can you please advise what metal earring I should be purchasing (happy to do gold, silver and possible copper colour) and what paints (presumably enamel).

    I'd also like some advice as to which websites are best for purchasing and what pit-falls I should be avoiding.

    Many thanks

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    You could start by browsing Cooksons website, although some materials will also be available form Amazon, Ebay and Etsy.

    Some so called enamels are resin based and can be applied cold and cured with an infra red unit, or by heating over tealights, as with Efcolour.

    True enamels as used in high end jewellery, are made from powdered glass. They require a kiln and a great deal of skill and application if you are to produce anything worthwhile.

    You can also colour aluminium by painting with dyes, and reactive metals such as titanium and niobium by delivering graded electric currents.

    If you are enamelling, there is no point in starting with precious metals, until you feel confident. Copper blanks of various shapes are readily available and the metal used is almost irrelevant, if you cover both sides. However it is best to use silver or silver plated ear hooks.

    It will be worth searching for U tube videos, finding books on your particular method and if possible finding a beginners course. Dennis.
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    Welcome to the forum Jamie
    Pictures 2 and 3 look more like verdigris and heat patinas than painted on colour - which means the end result won't be very stable and you'll need to look into some kind of protective coating to preserve them.


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