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Thread: Which alloy is strongest for thin bands?

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    Default Which alloy is strongest for thin bands?

    So I am a super fan of very delicate rings. I love thin bands but for obvious reasons know they do not make great every day pieces.

    Can anyone tell me what they believe to be the strongest precious metal alloy? I don't mean for scratches, I mean for being the strongest and least bendy. Seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there and wanted to hear from some experts!

    Thanks everyone

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    Platinum or non precious would be Titanium

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    If you have access to a kiln, or even a domestic oven, then you can do precipitation hardening to sterling or argentium silver.
    I have not done this out of respect for the cook, but my careful recipients have not bent these.

    I think the trick is to find ways of joining the elements to support ech other. Dennis.
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