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Thread: How strong is a 1mm x 7mm 925 Sterling Silver jump ring?

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    It would be preferable to send out the jump ring unsoldered, in case the fastener of a finished chain cannot not pass through it.

    A jump ring made from 0.9mm round wire using the shank of a burr as a mandrel might be about right. It will harden in the making.

    As Caroline has pointed out, the chain needs to break for safety reasons, but that is out of your hands. Dennis.

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    How do you figure out what size chain to use with a pendant? Is it trial and error? How do you know if the chain will be strong enough for the weight of the pendant?

    As a guide, what kind of trace chain would be suitable for a pendants weighing from 1 - 5 grams?

    I'm thinking of buying this:

    One of the comments says "Medium weight"...not sure what that means, I need numbers and grams...

    Thanks again in advance for any advice!

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    To be quite honest I don't get that technical if it looks good I use it

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