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    Hello! I'm looking to get a battered/uneven texture and frosted finish on my sterling silver so I'm thinking of buying some ceramic cones and pumice powder for my tumbler. I just wanted to check if this is likely to achieve a finish similar to one that I'm after? And also if I put pumice powder and ceramic cones in my tumbler if I need to put water in it too?

    Thank you as always! Daisy

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    You'll definitly get a matte finish (and yes you'll need water) - but I'm not sure you'll get a battered / uneven look.
    Having said that, I've only ever used my cones with water - not pumice powder too.

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    It depends on what your pieces are like Daisy, but what you suggest will wear your pieces smooth and leave them with a dull finish.
    For a battered texture you could prepare your stock with repeated taps with a ballpein hammer, or a textured hammer before manufacture.
    Alternatively you can add texture selectively using burrs at the end. A small ball burr heated at the neck and bent very slightly while red works well. Practice on scrap first.

    Once made the piece can be finished with a wet and soapy brass brush.

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