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Thread: How to mount a small heart shaped stone with rounded top and bottom surfaces?

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    Default How to mount a small heart shaped stone with rounded top and bottom surfaces?

    Hi - my daughter wants me to make an infinity ring with a stone also on it. It's a heart shaped stone about 5mm long but it has a curved surface top and bottom. My fingers are too big to hold it and fit a bezel around it or to make a wire frame to seat it on. I've made the infinity ring by soldering the infinity symbol into a gap in some patterned bracelet silver bent into ring shape around a mandrel - looks pretty good. But I just can't figure out how to mount the stone onto the ring.
    Any suggestions?

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    The only way I know is to make a bezel.
    Hearts are a little tricky but if you sit the stone on some blue tack to hold it and use 0.4mm fine silver you should be able to do it ok.
    I find it useful to use my pliers to assist with the shape too.

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    If you look at demonstrations on U Tube, you will see that lots of jewellers have large fingers, but they use tools to create their pieces as Sara has indicated.
    For instance if you are making a bezel setting you can steady the stone with a little Setters Wax, or Polymorph. Once it keeps still, the rest becomes easier.
    Also, what you find too difficult now, becomes much easier with magnification. A magnifying headband is all you need to get you going. You would combine it with your glasses if you wear them.

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