Just a little update since I have received and used the micro mesh. It really works great, it turns a piece into shop quality! There are still a couple of scratches that are visible but I think these are from when I was going too hard with the emery paper sanding the edges and I will use my dremel next time for sanding.

I do still have a few questions, if someone can help me?

1. How much use do you get out of micro mesh paper? It is essentially a type of sandpaper so I am assuming same idea, once it wears down they need to be replaced? Or do they just last??

2. I am soldering on ear posts to a half circle of cut sheet metal( 0.7mm) do I need to manipulate the ear posts to harden them?

3. I find the micro mesh sheets amazing but after sawing/soldering/pickle I need to sand the rough edges I was going to buy this kit from cookson? Would anyone recommend it for the piece I am working on? http://www.cooksongold.com/product_detail.jsp?add=W

Thank you!!