Hi, getting a bit more of my life sorted out now. Just started making jewellery again after 9 months of not going anywhere near it. For those of you who aren't aware of my situation, my hubby died very suddenly 9 months ago, he went out with dogs and literally died on the spot, no known heart problems. Bit of a shock, but life still goes on, and when you have elderly parents (mum is 99) you have to keep your chin up. I have had a nightmare of a job to do, sorting out paperwork etc.
A friend asked me to make her a ring, well four actually, soldered together at the back and set with stones in a tube setting, 5mm and 3mm. (3 of each). Just setting the last of the three big ones and the tube setting fell off. Will Thermo bloc be ok or do I have to take the c.zs out.