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    Hello to everyone on the forum,
    Just wanted to say Hi. I have an interest in small scale lost wax casting and have found much useful information on here so thanks everybody !
    worth a mention while i,m here I have seen a couple of posts asking about kilns made by a London company Technical supermarket, I have bought a few items from this company and while they are fairly rudimentary in their construction I feel they are good value for the money they cost , I have had a couple of issues with one of the items but I have to say the after service is excellent , just a bit of feedback based on my personal experience if it helps anyone

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    Hello Richard and welcome to the forum! I have been teaching myself jewellery for a few years now and this past year have been learning lost wax casting too. I think this is a technique I'll stick with for a while as it's so much fun. You'll find this forum a great place for support and information!
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