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Most members seem to be on holiday, so I'm sorry there's only me.

I don't think it advisable to shorten the life of your domestic oven, so here are some options:

As many of us do, make rings about a size smaller and then hammer on a mandrel, or stretch with a ring stretcher until they are the correct size.

Alternatively, use thicker or wider shanks, where softness will be less of an issue, or use Argentium silver, which hardens at 220C.

An upright ring stretcher is the one to get. There are some good offers on eBay.

However with stacking rings stretching will open any zigzags, so you would have to allow for that too, or just hammer the plain areas. Dennis
Great advice, newbie here and never thought to go a whole size down. That will definitely allow for more hammering and kill both issues with one stone! Thanks Dennis

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