Hello all,
I own and have been using a square scorifier for a couple fo years now and with delft clay, I have managed to cast some nice little pieces. However the scorifier holder came with a spring thingy that is supposed to hold a lid in place. I don't have a lid and I have never used the spring things, it;s just sat on my shelf not doing a lot.
Can anyone tell me how the setup could be used with a lid - you wouldn't be able to aim your torch into the bowl of the scorifier with a lid one and if you were to try putting the lid on after the metal had melted you'd risk burning your self and with anything other than pewter it'd solidify before you'd get the lid on anyway. The only use I can think of is in a kiln, but then that'd destroy the handle of the scorifier holder (and wouldn't be able to shut the kiln).
I just can't see why you would have a lid for this, unless there is a clever way of using it that I haven't considered (i'm far from infalable).

Any suggestions welcome.