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What a fantastic freecycle find, lucky you. I picked up one of those hot plate kilns at car boot and nearly left the lid behind, did'nt realise it went with it! A bit further down the line you might consider recycling copper hot water tanks like me. I get them from freecycle, after offering something up first I post a wanted. It is a great way of having endless supplies of copper to play around with, I make all sorts of things with mine, jewellery stands, enamel pictures and jewellery.
Glad you have got the bug!
Oddly enough I was looking for copper water tanks the other day and I came across the ad the lady who I got the stuff from had posted way back in 2007 so I e-mailed her and thanked her again and showed her some of my pieces.

She was over the moon I had gotten in touch and was super pleased that it had gone to a good home

Freecycle is a wonderful place sometimes, sadly as its popularity has risen so have the outlandish 'wants' which seem to make up over half of the posts these days *sigh*

Anyway... thanks for the kind words... would love to see some of your jewellery stands though!