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Thread: Silver Clay - broken after firing

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    Default Silver Clay - broken after firing


    I'm really, really new to silver clay. I painted silver clay on to a leaf - not sure how many layers but there was quite a few of them! After it had dried I fired it on my gas hob, however when I began polishing a piece broke off. There had been a hairline crack before I'd dried it, but I obviously hadn't repaired it properly as the piece that broke is exactly where the crack was. The rest of the piece seems pretty sturdy. How would I go about fixing it? I don't really want to bin it as it's my first piece, so really hope that it can be saved.

    If anyone has any advice I'd be really grateful, thanks!

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    I had a similar problem the first time I tried to use silver clay. I've since learned that although it 'can' (allegedly) be fired on a gas hob it is better fired with a torch or kiln as unless every molecule in the clay is heated sufficiently (in terms of heat and time at temperature) it won't be as strong as it ought and will crack and break.

    With regards to fixing it either;
    a) repeat the fix with clay, add a few more layers and fire with a torch or kiln or
    b) give it up to experience and put the broken piece in a scrap silver pot to be melted down for casting at a later date.

    When it comes to precious metal, never bin anything. It can usually be reused!

    Hope you get to try again. If you don't have a kiln or torch handy, see if there are some classes or a silver clay tutor in your area.


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