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Thread: Hello its ME AGAIN

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    Default Hello its ME AGAIN

    Hi, getting over the loss of hubby Jey who passed away suddenly seven months ago for those who dont remember me. I am quite busy as i take my doggies out every morning and have joined a few clubs. I also swim four times a week and know all the pool attendants. Lost nearly three stone so feeling a lot better and have more energy, just wish I could sleep better. Anyway if anyone wants to chat I am now back in the land of the living again.

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    Hi Pat,

    glad to hear you're doing ok. Plenty of exercise / swimming and you'll soon be needing your zzz's. Take care.

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    Melatonin (internet) is good for troubled sleeping or jet lag.
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    Hi Pat,
    Nice to see you back online.

    I didn't sleep properly for well over a year after I lost my son. Truth be told I still rarely sleep more than 4 hours a night but for that first year I even resorted to learning multiple languages through Duolingo figuring (in my sleep deprived state) that if I could start thinking in a language in which I had no words for loss and grief, I might find a moment of respite...
    Didn't work. But it did keep me moving forward. It's a natural part of grief. It doesn't end but it does get easier to cope with.

    Maybe sharing with us who Jey was, how you met, what you loved and what you miss will help to solidify the happy moments. Talking with my son's friends, sharing their stories and mine is a large part of my grieving process and theirs. Sometimes we become so isolated because of grief, because other people don't know what to say, because we're scared of bursting into tears, so we hide away from society and I do not believe that Jey would want you to feel alone. I am really proud of you for getting out and about and I look forward to seeing your posts on here!

    Take care of yourself Pat,
    Best wishes


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