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    Default Rolling Mills.....

    Hi, I know this comes up every now and again, and I've been reading up through the archives but I'm going round and round in circles as to what to get!

    The cookson value mill seems great value for a beginner, but most of what I've read suggests that you get what you pay for and suggest the quality holding out and getting a Durston. I like the face that it is geared, but 3mm max thickness seems small, and having to change rollers seems like a lot of hassle.

    So, I'm looking at the Durston mills, and am leaning towards a C100 but my main question is whether or not being direct drive will be an issue? Its a big step up in price from the C100 to the geared DRM C100. How much effort does it take to use a direct drive mill?

    I'm also curious to know what people use their mills for? I'm sure there are various uses I've not even considered beyond texturing, re-using scrap etc.

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    I use my mill for:

    Tapering wire to insert into draw plates without wasteful filing.
    Making square wire from offcuts of sheet and reducing square wire.
    Making D shaped wire.
    Rolling down wire to make bezels
    Rolling down sheet.
    Texturing sheet.

    It is not that practical to roll down sheet greater than 3.0mm, as it hardens too quickly.

    The college I attend part time has a geared and a direct drive Durston. The direct drive is newer and cleaner, but less often used, because the force needed is significantly greater.
    Gears also releave strain on the fixing, so that it can be operated just on a board with feet.

    Lastly unless you will only have tiny projects in the future you need at least 70mm of plain roller. Preferably more. Dennis.
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    I have the mini mill 80 (for sale), and moved to a direct drive due to neck injury, to reduce issues. The direct drive has made a huge difference. I have severe neck damage and although it is still going to need some force, it is so much easier.

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    I have the Cookies cheap one.
    I use it for:
    Rolling down rose gold 0.5mm bezels to 0.4 or 0.3mm ( main use actually)
    Texturing gold and silver
    On just a couple of occasions Ive used it to roll down some thick sheet silver that I cast.
    Ive had it about 2 years and it works fine for me but admittedly I don't use it that much.

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    Thanks, that's very useful info. I think I need to have a good think about what I'd use it for and how much use it would get.

    Dennis - I like the idea of bolting it to a moveable surface that is something I would definitely have to do.


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