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Thread: Hallmarking and adding gold accents

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    Default Hallmarking and adding gold accents

    Hello all, I couldn't find the information I was looking for and was hoping someone expert in here might know.

    I have started adding gold accents to my sterling silver pieces. Does that mean that I will need to get them hallmarked? Or if the gold accents fall below the 1gram requirement is it ok not to hallmark?

    Thanks in advance!


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    First of all Amy, you don't have to get metals hallmarked if you don't describe them as silver or gold.
    Next my interpretation is that normal hall mark requirements only apply if the silver or gold elements separately exceed the exempt weight.
    So 7.78g or more of silver with below 1g gold accents could be described as such and must be hallmarked as silver.
    Under 7.78g of silver with below 1g of gold can be described as such and need not be hallmarked. Dennis.

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    If you do chose to get hallmarked then the piece can be silver marked and part market gold (there is a specific way to fill in the hall note at least for LAO)
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