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Thread: 25% OFF Swarovski Crystal Beads

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    Default 25% OFF Swarovski Crystal Beads

    This week at we're offering a fantastic 25% OFF our entire range of Swarovski Crystal Beads FROM ONLY 1.58 per pack! With a range of over 140 bead packs in stock including various shapes, colours and sizes in packs of 6, 12 and 24, we're bound to have the perfect beads for your piece!

    With 40 unique colours available - what's your favourite colours this season? Why not share your thoughts or seek advice on Cooksongold's Jewellery Making forum. Alternatively, click here to view our top 10 bestsellers online.

    As well as our discounted range of Swarovski Crystal Beads, don't forget those essential findings and tools including silver bell caps from UNDER 5 and crimping pliers for ONLY 8.85!

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    *smack* I am meant to be saving for my work bench!!!!!! Dont tempt me with stuff like this !!
    Su' xx

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    I want to learn so much, and i want to know it all NOW!!!:p

    One day i will arrive

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    Talking You're not helping

    Yes and I'm supposed to be using the stock I've already bought before I buy anymore - you're not helping any you know - I have a thing about temptation!

    Annie xXx

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