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    I was recently given a pendant drill, an old Citenco motor with flex shaft and foot pedal. I really like the motor, nice and quiet and good control with the foot pedal. Can't find much on this on the internet. Thing is there is a lot of wobble at the handpiece which makes it pretty much useless. The wobble seems to originate in the flex shaft. I'm wondering if I can get replacement parts without breaking the bank. Steve
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    It appears that the company concerned, Griffin and George, are no longer trading. Such of their used motors available on E bay, look in poor condition and are expensive.

    Sadly, unless you have engineering skills, I would suggest you try to sell it for spare parts, or take it to recycling. Dennis.
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    Don't know if it helps but where the flex shaft joins the motor see if you can detach it, there maybe a tiny grub screw in there that needs a tighten. I have a different make to yours and I had the same problem I found by taking it apart there , I found the screw and it was loose , I tightened it and used a little bit of loctite lock and seal on the screw and 'touch wood' no problems since .


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