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Thread: Hello from Indpls. IN USA

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    Default Hello from Indpls. IN USA

    My name is Linda Chandler, I've been making jewelry for some time now and I've always been able to solve my own problems. BUT, I have one now that just won't let go...
    I've taken a liking to etching metal, so that lead me to making my own designs. Will, everything was moving right along until the Apple people up graded there hardware and everything went south from there.
    Does anyone here deal with graphic design in Illustrator, should I continue or am I wasting my and your time.
    Sure glad to have met you folks, have a wonderful day...
    Linda...known as the space cadet...

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    There might yet be an Illustrator buff who can answer your question on here Linda but where I live, in London, we have an Apple shop, where there are very knowledgable part timers who can trouble shoot. Dennis.

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