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Sorry, Caroline; I've only just seen that. I'm not yet used to viewing pages on an i-Pad and I think I often miss things.

It looks as if Cookson operate as credit providers where this is requested and the buyer pays heavily for the privilege.

Sarah, to get your GOJD discount with Cookson you have to give them your membership details and ask them to update your account on their system. They will tell you it takes about a week for the necessary changes to be made; you'll know it has been when you start seeing the relevant items automatically discounted at the relevant rates. If you don't see the GOJD discount on an item once it's in your basket, it probably means their system hasn't yet registered your account for the discount and you need to contact them again!
I often miss posts as well Mark. We know from experience that Cookson have a few foibles and aren't good at providing you with the small print details. It does seem strange though