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Thread: any problems in combining 18ct yellow glod and 18ct white gold in an organic way

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    Default any problems in combining 18ct yellow glod and 18ct white gold in an organic way

    Hi, My daughter has asked me to make her and her fiance wedding rings.. needs to be a mixture of 18ct white and 18ct yellow gold and "something organic mum"
    I have never combined these metals before, and am looking at twisted wire, soldering sections of either gold on top of each other and hammering them to similar profile, inlay of either metal into the other.

    Any hints on what would be best as the base metal.. ie either the 18ct gold or the white gold would be most welcome .Any hints or doing this, or the pitfalls to watch would be great too. The couple are quite happy to have a "merged" look.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    There is no problem in combining the metals. Just set yourself a target within your comfort zone, or the stress will be too close to home.

    Whatever you do, make them in copper and brass (or copper and silver) first, partly to recheck the size and partly to learn how to control the flow of non matching solder.

    You might also consider searching for a whiter white gold, as most 18ct is too grey for my taste.

    A further option is to make Russian wedding bands, which are fun, not too difficult and will be unusual,in the UK. Dennis.
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    White gold tends to be more "brittle" than yellow gold and becomes "hard" quicker when hammering and bending. For the most part, you work it the same way and anneal it more often to avoid cracking. It sounds like the simple design you are trying will not be a high risk of cracking.The fact that you will be working in 18K vs 14 or 10 will also make the gold less prone to cracking. You may want to consider fabricating the individual "pieces" then soldering them together.

    Here is an example of a two tone white and yellow gold ring that I made. I made all three components then soldered them together.
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