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Thread: Etching Advice please!

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    I wonder if anyone can help? I'm really keen to try etching and I've been watching a few you tube clips etc to get an idea of it all. I wonder what is the easiest method? I feel it may be an expensive trial as I believe I need a laser printer, press n peel paper and some ferric chloride! Is this the best way to do it? Any advice would be greatly received! Is there an alternative to having to purchase a laser printer in order to transfer the image via the press n peel paper?

    Thanks so much

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    A Laser printer is a printer that uses toner. If yours is inkjet, you can still get your sheet printed at a print shop.
    If you find PnP paper expensive and can't share with a friend, you can still use acetate as needed for overhead projectors, at least for a start and the print shop will probably have some.
    The main difficulty is learning to use an iron, so that the resists transfers without breaks, although you can touch them up with a waterproof pen.
    Put etching into our search box top right for more details
    Lastly remember ferric chloride is only for copper. Dennis.

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