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    Good morning,

    I'm using stainless steel jump rings to attach a stainless steel tag to bracelets. I have been just shutting them tightly, but a retailer has asked for them to be soldered. I haven't tried soldering before and wondered if anyone could advise me on what type of torch and paste would work best? Or perhaps I just need to ensure I am closing the tags more proficiently?

    Any advice gratefully received.


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    Dear Charlie,
    Stainless steel jump rings are easily soldered, using easy silver solder and borax as a flux, but there would be cleaning up to do as the heat would turn the ring and adjacent part of the tag an unsightly dark colour.

    It should be completely unnecessary, provided the rings are stout enough and small enough to resist removal. The ends should be finished cleanly using a fine saw blade if necessary. To close them, don't prise them open. Use two smooth jewellers pliers to move the ends from side to side and together until the join is barely visible. Dennis

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