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Thread: Hello from Sally in Lancashire

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    Re the wearing of may be that you simply haven't found the right jewellery item or the right metal or the right stone for you. Once you do....

    (btw I am in St Annes)
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    You might be right Pearlescence - I can mange earrings or a necklace occassionally - but can't cope with anything on my hands or wrists - they just get in the way and I'm always conscious of them limiting even simple activities - like hand washing!

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    Hi Sally look on the bright side.. (hope I'm not making too big an assumption!) as a lady at least you can model your jewellery.. Lol

    I got in to silver while recuperating from an accident and started off mainly bezel setting because it was what I learned first and my partner is a glass fuser so I had a plentiful supply of materials to set..

    Unfortunately I had a severe bite from the bug and my savings plan went by the wayside as tools metal gems and stuff gets voraciously hoarded 😆

    I don't have sufficient time to produce volumes of work so I indulge myself making only things I like but I feel lucky to have a small but steady sales income.. It takes time.. But jewellery is often a gift or a treat so you can plot your best times to try and sell.. Valentines easter mothers day and Christmas..

    I am lucky that we have 2 arts businesses under one roof so we do have a wider base of followers.. But we got that by relentless hammering of Twitter and Facebook and it's paid off well.

    I also know a few people who do well out of jewellery parties where they show items and take orders rather than selling from stock..

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