If you Google photo studio for under $12 there's a fantastic simple set up concocted from tinfoil and greaseproof paper and a couple of clamps. It relies on daylight from a window but the results are good enough for a consistent image quality without too much fuss.

If you are looking to sell online image quality is key and you can automate and batch process in photoshop by recording macros which will speed up volume repetitive tasks.. But for a beginner photoshop is cumbersome and unwieldy to the beginner and an expensive investment if you can't use it well.. I have played with it for years on and off.. And been on courses but it's still annoyingly unfriendly..

If you are a beginner and just want to tweak some ok pictures for the Internet Instagram is great. You can use presets for consistency but go in to edit mode and it's a series of tools operated individually on a single slider.. They cover the key enhancers of colour, saturation, warmth (white balance) brightness contrast shadows and highlights..

You still need a good well constructed Picture.. But you can process images quickly and efficiently

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