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Thread: Casting equipment - what to buy for a beginner?

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    Default Casting equipment - what to buy for a beginner?

    Hi guys, I am new to this forum. Sorry if this has been already discussed elsewhere.

    1) I am doing jewelry as a hobby with almost no experience with lost wax casting. So I am thinking about purchasing some basic casting machine to make use of this technology in my small home studio. I expect to do some several castings per month and more in the future.

    So my requirements to the casting machine are: compact (to use at home), reliable, fairly priced.

    It looks that vacuum casting is the direction to go to. I have found a machine called: Kaya Cast Chamber Vacuum Invest & Cast Machine. Unfortunately can't post any links as still new to the forum but you can easily google it. it is prices around $1K.

    Any suggestions about this choice and recommendation on alternatives?

    2) Additionally until I have set up my own system would you recommend any provider / place where I can rent / order casting for my wax models? Ideally the one which can accommodate small orders (5-6 rings). I am based in London.

    Many thanks))

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    While you are sorting out your ideas, you can easily get your waxes cast in the Hatton garden area, for instance here: Dennis.

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    this book is worth a read before you part with lots of money

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