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Thread: NEW Enamelling colours - Your opinion counts!!!

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    Default NEW Enamelling colours - Your opinion counts!!!

    We're looking to introduce various new enamelling colours to our newly introduced range in September.

    Does anybody have any opinions on what transaparent and opaque colours we should include from the UK supplier Latham???

    Suggestions would be much appreciated!!

    Check out our current enamelling range here:

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    The range that cooksons sells is fabulous already and I'd love to see them expand.
    By Latham enamels are we talking Milton Bridge?
    If so then the full range of opaque colours is here
    and the transparent range is here
    (so folks can suggest what other colours they'd like)
    Nicola x
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    I'm interested in a baby pink and blue for Christening jewellery myself

    Something like the Transparent colours T700 and LF98 perhaps or the T244. That would be great for me and perhaps nice greens and reds for Christmas time or reds for Valentines day?

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    amber or copper brown would be nice to include i like the darker colours.

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