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Thread: Are Durston Spare Rollers Available?

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    Default Are Durston Spare Rollers Available?


    I wish to make D-shape (half-round) wire however my Durston rolling mill (c80 mini mill economy) cannot currently do this, as it has only a flat area and square grooves, and no extension rollers.

    Are alternative shape, or spare/replacement rollers available for Durston rolling mills? I have looked everywhere I can think of, but there seem to be virtually none in circulation, either new or second hand.

    Many thanks.
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    Why not contact Durston, giving your model number, or a photograph, and ask?

    That said, the mill is useful for processing ingots or large offcuts into square wire. But it is far better to use that as a starting point and then draw it down through draw plates, for the quality you need in jewellery making. Dennis.
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