Hi there,

After a bit of advice on fusing fine silver to sterling. All of my research kinda indicates that it can't be done - but I have managed to bond fine silver granules to sterling wire/sheet (yay me!). I also manage to fuse sterling granules to sterling sheet/wire but prefer the shine of the fine silver balls. The bond looks excellent and they wont budge - I've given it a good go and been quite rough with my testing.

What I am wondering is would it be something that would weaken over time with wear? I would hate to sell anything that is going to fracture or fall apart in the future.

I love fine silver (really love it) but it is too soft for rings and my experiments with argentium bombed as it became brittle with all of the reticulation I want to add. I have also successfully used solder to add my granules (paste is best as it hold them in place during heating) but it can go a bit dull and is tricky to shine up in the tiny crevices.

Any expert advice on this would be hugely appreciated.


Kate xxxx