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    Red face Oxygen Supply

    Hi All,
    I have a feeling this is a pretty well discussed subject and I have tried to find the info on here, however, the latest I could find was dated 2012. Hence my new posting, which I trust you will be sympathetic too.

    I am in the process of changing one to the Smiths Little torch from my Sievert and have a few questions.
    The first is where can one buy the Flashback Adjustors and the Adjustable Regulators in the UK?
    Second, who are the best for providing Oxo bottles (I live in South Wales)?
    And lastly, how dangerous are they? In looking for the info on this forum, I read a number of concerns about safety and the fact that there is a chance of explosion. I also understand that the Oxygen concentrator machines are safer but also more expensive.

    Oh! yes one other thing, my studio/workshop is actually in part of the garage. I partitioned part of the garage off to make another room (as you do) and the garage is attached to the side of the house. How does one feel about this vis a vis household insurance? And has anyone had any problems with their insurance company for storing and using Butane/Propane and/or Oxygen in their homes.

    Thank you all in advance

    Mark Goodwin

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    Hi Mark,

    I can't help you with regard to set up, but I can with respect to oxygen as I have all types stored in my home for medical use (e.g. liquid oxygen, oxygen concentrator and oxygen cylinders.)

    Oxygen does not and cannot make anything explode if it was not likely to do otherwise. If a fire starts it intensifies it in terms of heat, volume and how quickly it grows. Hence, you local fire department would recommend you put a sticker on entrance doors that notifies them there is oxygen on the premises. Oxygen suppliers supply them ... although for jewellery making I doubt anyone uses them.

    As to household insurance the only way to get an accurate answer is to ask the insurer. They will probably be more interested in whether or not you are running a business from home than they are in butane/propane/oxygen storage I suspect.

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    Hi Mark,

    Check out this company, they have stockists in South Wales and reasonable prices for Oxy cylinders with no upfront cylinder rental as with BOC;


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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacey View Post
    Hi Mark,

    Oxygen does not and cannot make anything explode if it was not likely to do otherwise............
    I wouldn't go putting oil or grease anywhere near liquid oxygen.

    I agree people often get over excited about the dangers of oxygen, if you use an oxycon you need not worry at all in practice.

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    Much, much easier (and IMO safer) to just get a reconditioned oxycon. The most cost effective way I know of to do this is from Tuffnell Glass - 4th item down on this page -

    It is more of an initial outlay (though 2nd hand ones do pop up from time to time) but so straightforward to use and Tuffnell's support is excellent.

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    I agree with George - oxycons are safer, easier and in the long run cheaper than bottled oxygen. You don't need a regulator or flashback arrestor for the oxycon either. There was a 2nd hand one recently on the Frit Happens forum - 125 - not sure if still available...

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