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Thread: How to solder a pendant to a chain

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    Default How to solder a pendant to a chain


    How do I solder a delicate chain onto a pendant? Attached is a pic of an example.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I would do it by sweat soldering but practice with copper first:

    Melt about four pallions of solder onto the back of the fluxed star and while the solder is molten, spread it all over with a soldering pick. Easy solder will be safest.

    (If you dont have the pick, look it up and make a fair copy out of clothes hanger wire, adding a wooden handle, or holding it in some stout pliers.)

    Now re-flux both, put the star on the chain as you want them and heat only the centre of the star until in subdued light, it just begins to glow.

    With a bit of practice the two will join neatly when the solder re-melts. You must also find a way of keeping the chain straight while doing this, either by tying it to the block with binding wire, or putting something heavy on each end, Dennis.
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