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    Hi !

    Another fab lesson today :-) I had a go with wire, I made "Jump Rings" !!!

    I am not great with making the same sized "Jump Rings" So my ask is this - I vaguely remember seeing some long? Nose Pliers that had a ring cut into one or possibly both arms of the "Round" / pointed pliers ,it was in mm ranging from 1mm to 6mm, I could be wrong about the sizes...So does anyone know the proper name for these pliers and where can I buy any.


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    You can wind the wire around a knitting needle then cut through the coil, they come in lots of different sizes. Use metal ones if you can. I think I have a pair of the pliers you are talking about and they are useless for making lots of jumprings, ok for one or two but if you need to make a quantity........

    are these the ones you are talking about.

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    Pat is quite right. Pliers, are useless for making jump rings.

    Anneal the wire, or use soft wire and wind it around something of a standard size. Then lean the coil against a bench peg and cut, removing the former bit by bit, so that it still supports the coil. Keep the surplus jump rings in a small parts box for the future.

    To form the jumprings, many use knitting needles like Pat, or buy a jump ring maker, or like me use a large set of twist drills. Mine go in half sizes from 1.5-13.0mm and I wind the wire around the stems.

    Be aware that wire springs back, so the rings will be a little larger than the formers. Dennis.


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