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Thread: Double checking that I have the right measurements - GOLD RING sizing!

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    Unhappy Double checking that I have the right measurements - GOLD RING sizing!


    This is my first time making a gold ring (usually work with silver) and would love some help on measurements - if I am getting this right.

    I am making a size 8US ring which will be 1mm in thickness and 3mm in width. Do I order 59mm in length?

    Making another on in same thickness and width size 5 1/4US. Do I get 51mm?

    I want to make it high quality - is 14k recommended for wedding rings? Any advice on soft/hard would be great too.

    Super clueless, thank you for all your help!!



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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    This is the app I use when working out what length shank to buy, I find it fairly accurate:
    I assume you are in the US? if so 14k is pretty standard there, in the UK its 9 or 18 as we don't have 14.

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    Dont go ordering the gold to almost exact size so to speak.

    I.E. if ring shank needs to be 59mm, then dont simply order some D section or whatever thats 59-60mm in length!

    Of course gold is expensive stuff, but having said that any off-cuts or scrap can be used in other projects or weighed in at a bullion dealer as scrap which would then give you money back.

    Theres loads of free smartphone apps that give you ring chart dimensions, so if in doubt look one of them up or refer to a reference book. I use Andrew Berry's free PDF download as a guide when making rings myself.

    So... if you work out you need a shank to be 59mm long, then I'd order it a little longer just to be on the safe side.


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    Good point Nick

    I normally only order 1mm longer than the above app gives me as I find it is actually over generous however I do have a ring stretcher and work with thick bands so for me its fine if I am a mm or two short.

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