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    Question Mini kiln

    Hello, I am a first time forum user and a first time kiln user! I wondered if I could have some help with Kiln basics. I am trying to fire fingerprints pendants in silver clay. Do I put the pendants straight onto the kiln shelf? Or will the pattern of the shelf go into my pendants? How often does kiln firing of silver clay go wrong and for what reasons? (If clay not dry? Air bubble? Etc).
    Any tips on the basics are very welcome! Many Thanks

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    Welcome to the forum M-I. The most obvious thing is if your thermostat is inaccurate and the temperature rises much above the required level.
    When I did it years ago it was 800C.

    Certainly do not spend too much time on your first piece until you have verified the result. I quickly moved on but others here will answer your questions. Dennis.

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