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Thread: Tumbling help!

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    After similar problems, I have had better luck with my home tumbler by replacing the mixed shot with tiny, 2mm ball bearing style shot. Small enough to get in the nooks and crannies but no noticeable pitting.

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    Thanks everyone.

    I have emailed my tutor but she hasn't replied, so thought I would gather some wisdom here, and you haven't let me down!

    Have ended up doing my current pieces by hand, just don't want to risk it. I will definitely be trying the suggestions here - smoothing the shot sounds like a good place to start, then test it on something cheap! A significant portion of the shot certainly has a rough feel. I'm afraid I can't afford a magnetic polisher (yet!), maybe one day!

    Thanks again all!


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    My tumbling results have always been a little too matt for my liking. Then I bought a new tumbler and it came with some shot that was smaller than my existing - and the results were transformed.

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