Hi everyone,
Just curious...For those who sell in galleries, how many galleries do you stock and what are your average sales per month? I stock 6 I stock 6 galleries. One in particular used to have good sales but seems to have slowed quite a bit in the last year (one sale over the past 2 months). Then again, looking at my stock in that gallery, I have a few pendants but mostly rings which are more difficult to sell as one off pieces as they won't fit everyone. So I'm wondering how many sales you folk would expect to have each month, and reasons why sales slow etc.
As an aside, I have had a few problems with this particular gallery not informing me of sales, not paying, and then also making up sales because they have lost records (luckily I keep very good records). So I have lost faith in this gallery and debating whether I should continue or take my jewellery elsewhere. Any thoughts appreciated! Regards, Karoline