I buy tube. Regularly. Sometimes quite a lot of tube - and usually more than 30cm at a time.

Cookson Gold sell tube. But only in a maximum 30cm length.

Here's the problem.

If I want to buy 20cm of tube, I can do so and there is no cutting charge - despite a cut being made.

However, if I want 60cm of tube I have two choices. I can ask for 60cm, and then I get an email telling me it has to come in two 30cm lengths - I say 'fine', and a cutting charge is applied. My order is delayed because of this correspondence.

Alternatively, I can order two 30cm lengths. I am charged for cutting - despite no cut having been made.

I'm bored with constantly complaining about this one to the poor (and very nice) people on the end of the phone.

Any suggestions?