I have been asked to look into training options so I am looking for some advice!

I work for a jewellers currently as a Goldsmith and have done for the last 4 years at two different jewellers, so I am relatively experienced. I am looking to develop my skills further (mount making, stone setting etc) and am wondering which route would be best to take! The master goldsmith where I work was teaching me a few hours once every two weeks and we had projects set out to complete but he is having to take more of a back seat here now due to his own business needing more of his attention.

I have read through the other posts and saw about at the bench which is something I have put on my list of suggestions! Alongside self teaching it seems to be a great resource from all the reviews!

Advanced Jewellery diploma level 4 at Holts seems to have a lot of the projects I aimed to do on their syllabus, but due to the cost of the course and it being 2 days a week I don't think its very realistic!

I know with this trade you are always learning so I am wondering whether its better to set myself projects with self teaching and maybe use atthebench as a reference? I would love to hear your suggestions and hear any options I may have missed!

Many Thanks,