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    I thought I would share my experience with the most recent show that I did. I live in Alberta, Canada and this show cost me $110 CAD to be at. We had to supply our own tables and chairs and tents because it was an art show/sale in a park. We were told that the organiser was doing extensive advertising and she was expecting 10,000 people to come through the show. I was very optimistic about this show because I thought the people would be my perfect audience. I did sell 4 or 5 small items but that was not even close to comparable to another very well run show that I did in November last year where I sold half of my products. In addition to that, the amount of people who actually came through the show was substantially lower than predicted (MAYBE 1,000) and the only advertising that was done was flyers handed out in the community surrounding the park. When I searched for the show on the internet I discovered that the event was not even listed on the community website.

    It was very disappointing for me but I think I have learned an important lesson in selecting craft shows to sell my product at. It is extremely important to find out what kind of advertising is being done and realistically estimate how many people will be there on your own before believing the organizer. Anyone can put on a craft show but not everyone can do it well and it is difficult to find well organized shows around here.

    Here are some pictures of the booth I had at the event. Let me know what you think of my experience and my table set up...I am always looking for ways to improve. (That is my sister sitting there before the show started)

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    Well the pictures are a bit tiny, but it was an inviting exhibit and it was a fine day for the show. Generally you get to know and trust certain organisers and avoid others. Regards, Dennis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockshelley View Post
    I thought I would share my experience with the most recent show that I did...
    How disappointing for you. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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    I find these things to be hit and miss.

    same with organizers. some days I sell out, some days, I may as well have stayed home.
    It IS frustrating, for sure.

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    Always remember that footfall does not equate in any way to sales. It's a mistake that organisers make a lot when they claim a squillion people attending. Yeah, but if no one spends then what a waste of effort, while ten spenders and you're a happy jeweller
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    I've been doing shows like this for 16 years and one thing I have learnt is that all these shows join into one big marketing of your brand, getting seen, your name out there and talking to people (of all ages) and passing on a card - making a connection. Sure, some shows are a sell out, some you sell nothing... but often years later you realise a show where you sold nothing on the day was worth it coz they've come back to buy... I found once I got that in my head I got less frustrated and enjoyed it more. And I agree with Dennis, you get to know what organisers/shows to trust and avoid. Keep doing what you love...

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