Hi All, My brother is soon to get enganged and has asked me to make (or at least source) a solitaire 18ct diamond ring and earrings to match. I have done quite a lot of work in silver but very little in gold and none in 18 ct. As this is likely to be a one off only job, I do not want to spend a lot of money on new tools / equipment. My thoughts were to buy a cast blank (NOT from a mould supplied by me but from a "standard" range) and the diamond separately from a dealer. Same process with earrings. I would then do the clean up, setting and polishing, then get them assayed with my own hallmark. Budget is very generous and I am sure will cover this project with a little left.
Do you know any reputable casting companies in the UK who do this kind of work or supply pre-cast blanks? (or anyone on here who would like to quote for the work) - also a good suppler of diamonds.

I am very nervous of taking on such a project using my limited skills - I have made several solitaire CZ rings in sterling silver and was pleased with the result. But 18ct gold is a different issue if I make a cock up and have to start over.

Thanks in advance for any advice or offers to supply some or all of the set.