I am looking at designing & creating some filigree designs to sell in my new collections. On this occasion, I wont be handmaking these designs at a bench, I have to be honest I will probably have them cad modeled. I was wondering if anyone could advise potential production methods please. I will need the production method to be quite scaleable, as I run a business and naturally want to sell as many as I can.

The closest thing I can find to the designs I have in mind is this, not exactly like this, but this type of design, a 3D wire type filigree rather than flat. - http://www.hamiltonjewelers.com/prod...SSNK1309_0.png

I am thinking of having the designs cast, by a casting company along with the stone settings, is this possible? Would it be advisable to have it cast with the settings, or would the settings become too thin?

I realise alot of clean up would be needed with casting, does any one know of any other ways to produce designs such as these? I've been looking in to die-casting, but the upfront cost/tooling/machinery would be huge!