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    Smile Forward to a friend...

    Hey all,

    The forum has had a great response in it's first 5 days live so thanks to everybody for visiting and taking the time to chat!

    In an effort to further increase the forum membership and content please get your fellow jewellery contacts in on the action too by forwarding the forum link or a thread to them as well as mentioning us on any other social tools you may use such as twitter, facebook, myspace and other industry forums and blogs!

    Happy posting!!!

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    Now why on earth did you go and hide a thread like this in Hints Tips and Tutorials???

    If you want people to do it you have to 'big it up'!!

    I actually posted a link to Cooksons on my blog at the weekend (talking about 'our' forum) and wondered if I should run it by you first...cos I don't really know the protocol for these things...anyway - I did it and thought I would just keep my head down!

    Then today - whilst browsing - I noticed a guest viewing this thread and wondered what I had missed!

    Not that you will notice a vast increase in trade down to my actions....but I do get a steady trickle of people to the blog...

    Whilst talking about advertising - I have noticed that some of the posts from the forum are now appearing on you'd better 'watch your 'ps and qs' people!!

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