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Thread: Jump ring maker + handpiece

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    Default Jump ring maker + handpiece

    Hi - I'm trying to match a handpiece with the dremel jump ring maker or the pepe tools jump ring maker. Can you tell me if the Faro quick release or the Badeco quick release would fit with either of these? The videos online seem to suggest a foredom no.30 but maybe these two fit as well? Thanks in advance...

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    Reading between the lines I am guessing that you are after making jump rings for chain maille. As the costs of this adventure can escalate without appropriate benefit, perhaps you can consider these points:

    How much maille are you visualising making and for how long?
    Aficionados say that jump ring makers produce untidy rings which need a great deal of de-burring. Consider cutting them with a fine saw blade instead, or buying them ready cut.
    I believe our mizgeorge could sell you all you need. Dennis.

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