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    I'm new here and went to post a picture of my bench and work, when I tried to add an externally hosted (Photobucket) picture - I got a message saying that I can't post links to external websites until I've posted five messages - surely most people want to put pictures of their stuff up straight away - is there another way of posting pictures?

    I gave up eventually, uploaded a smaller version as a thumbnail and posted the text.

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    I think that's the only way until you've sent a few more messages - get typing man. Tbh, I think we all tend to use the thumbnail thingie anyway - in honour of those whose connections speeds aren't so wonderful.
    Di x

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    Oops, I've been using externally hosted stuff in honour of our hosts' server space! I have to admit I prefer full size pics to the thumbnails.

    Dave, you can post pictures to your personal gallery immediately, and we'll all happily trot off to see them!

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