I hope someone can offer some help. I made a ring for a customer, made from silver sheet with 0.8mm gold wire soldered on to it, a gold flower and a bezel with amber stone in it. However she contacted me last week after about 6 months to say the actual bezel had fallen off and was lost. I have no idea why all of a sudden it would fall off as it was soldered and had been in my tumbler etc? Anyway I received the ring back, went to solder on the new bezel cup and the gold wire around the ring snapped! Argh! The wore had left quite a deep indentation in the silver ring so I decided to pull it apart and remake! I was dreading making it as this was one of the most intricate pieces I had ever made. I went to remake today and decided to solder the wire on whilst the ring was flat, then annealed it several times whilst gently bending it into the cuff ring shape however the gold wire snapped again. I also noticed the gold flower had a small hole developing within the middle of it! Blooming disaster!!!! So I once again have ordered all the necessary materials to remake, although I'm feeling sick at the thought of it! Firstly should I be soldering the wire to the ring whilst its bent? Secondly does anyone know why the sheet gold has formed a hole in it and thirdly is it wrong just to give her a refund and run for the hills???! 😁 I'll attach a picture of the ring before it all went wrong!

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