Lampwork glass artist Elaine Forbes ("wee-lainy") comes from Scotland. She has a PhD in Genetics and moved to Tucson in 2006 while working as a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Arizona.After initial taking classes in furnace glassblowing at the Sonoran glass school with Paul Anders Stout she took her first lamp working class in 2007 with Karl Taylor and began her flame working journey.

Elaine loves to create primarily with borosilicate glass.Initially intrigued by the chemistry and challenge of reactive glass colours,Elaine experiments to achieve the full range of possibilities from the borosilicate palette.recently Elaine has become known for her incredibly detailed and colourful jellyfish and will be teaching students how to control shape and colour in this exciting new class.

Introduction to Borosilicate Jellyfish Implosions.
In this one day class you will learn the basics of the off mandrel implosion technique and how to implement it in the construction of jellyfish pendants. We will cover imploding and forming the jellyfish as well as shaping into a pendant. We learn different techniques to add a little something special to your jellyfish as well as tips on achieving he most vibrant colours from your striking borosilicate palette.

For more info & ticket prices please search "Elaine Forbes Tuffnell Glass"
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