Hello, I'm a cut gemstone collector on the south coast and I'd like to thin down my collection quite a bit.

I've been collecting for just over 20 years, and from my first stone a rose quartz I have collected almost every precious and semi-precious stone from around the world. Last year my house contents insurer refused to accept my policy due to the value of stones I was keeping there. I previously kept them in storage, but this became too expensive so I moved them home. I still keep some of my favourite stones there.

During this year I've sold quite a bit of my collection to collectors all over the world, but my insurer is still not happy! I've recently updated my blog that I started but didn't finish and it's now available to view. I'm no expert in these things, and it's not my job (I actually work in advertising) so although it's not very professional-looking, it is all perfectly legit. I'm more than happy to meet up with you or for you to visit me in Hove, Sussex.

Please take a moment to have a look. I'm willing to listen to offers for any stones, especially if you plan to purchase more than one stone. Most of my stones are anywhere between 20 and 10 years old, but there are some recent purchases from about 5 years ago.


Thanks, Steve