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Thread: Advice for a special project please

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm hoping that someone could please give me some advice?
    I'm fairly new to jewellery making & my knowledge & skills still fairly basic however my best friend who has more faith than me has asked if i will make jewellery (stretch bracelets) for her 6 bridesmaids. She has seen an idea of stacked sterling silver, pearl & swarovski bracelets with charms and wants 3 each person.
    I've searched about but am confused - some people say they use professional grade jewellery elastic - but what is that? I apologise in advance if this is rather a stupid question? I have seen Stretch Magic and Powercord but am unclear what is the difference between these and professional grade? I want to make sure that I use the best materials I can and would hate for anything to go wrong
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Hi,I'm no expert but I'll give it a shot,on the few occasions Iv done stretch bracelets, which was quite a few years ago I seem to remember that stretch cord comes in different thicknesses and grades,I usesd to always double over mu cord for added safety and pop o blob of glue on the knot because this will be your wea point. Have a look on
    hope this helps.

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    Hi Moo welcome to the forum

    I'm not sure if anyone can answer your question, I have no experience of elasticated bracelets but in the meantime you might find the answers you need on the bead company websites who usually have a guidance page. Maybe try Beadworks or similar and then check back, someone may come back later with some help

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    You might also like to enquire in a beaders forum such as: Dennis.

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    Hi Moo

    My partner who has a great deal of knowledge on this subject will answer your query,

    Hi Moo there are good elastics and not so good so spend as much as you can afford is the best advice it is true, put a blob of glue on the knot but be careful as some glues will rot the elastic :/ if you are going to use real pearls you may find it difficult to thread the elastic through without using a reamer first swarovski pearls should be fine personally, I don't make stretchies simply because of the problems with elastic, hope this helps
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