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With regard to tool and machine discounts we think less than 10 tools...aren't attracting discounts which we are trying to understand at the moment. Hopefully that can be fixed asap

It's just taken me less than 3 minutes to find over double that number of tools not automatically attracting the discount. Many of them are the same tools I told you about (at your request) back in February.

It's not the fact that an advertised discount is not automatically being given that customers find troublesome, I think; it's that placing an online order and simultaneously having to request the discount to be deducted manually always necessitates the same rigmarole: multiple emails and/or phone calls to you until the nature of the problem at your end is grasped, the deduction applied and the order sent out. Ordering then becomes a choice between settling for no discount on one or more items in your basket but getting your order quickly, or insisting on your discount but waiting up to a week for the discount to be manually applied and your order to be dispatched.

Cooksons are of course free to offer or withold whatever discounts they choose to, but discounts can arguably generate more customer dissatisfaction than no discount at all when a customer has to work so hard to get them in the first place.